3 Lessons The Pandemic Taught Me About Fitness

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I am 24 and have been rigorous with my fitness regime for 6 years now. I have lost 45pounds (about 20 kgs) and have tried Crossfit, regular gym, boxing, dance, yoga, and HIIT. Now that I think about it, I don’t know either how I missed out on MMA.

During the pandemic, I surprisingly have become the fittest I have ever been. What did I do differently than before?

I reduced my training. We don’t ‘need’ 1.5–2 hours at the gym. 30–40min of exercise does the work. The purpose is to increase cardiovascular activity for your heart (and to burn calories) and build strength, both which can be easily achieved in less duration. In fact, you almost burn more fat this way if that’s your goal.

Junk food at home is healthier than healthy food outside. For years I have eaten out a minimum of 3 meals a week. While my mother was never too happy about it, my explanation was “I’m just eating grilled chicken breast which is giving me good protein and is healthy”. Unfortunately, most healthy food has more than double the oil (and other added stuff) which you would add making the same dish at home. Restaurants have different tricks to make mouthewatering food such as extra sugar, butter, or oil. Treat yourself every once in a while with homemade junk, and stick to home cooked delicious food.

I stopped criticising myself. We are more than how we look, more than thick thighs and stomach rolls. Our appearance is just one attribute, we have a universe full of goodness in us! Instead of criticising my fat when I looked in the mirror, I smiled and was grateful to be a healthy individual. I can breathe, my body is fit, my brain is functional— 3 of the many physical attributes which matter more than having extra fat here and there!

Thank you for reading, this is my first write-up on Medium :)

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Globe trotter | Health Enthusiast | Professional Writer www.niharikasodhi.com

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