Updated: February 26, 2021

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Hi and welcome! I’m Niharika Sodhi.

I’m a full-time digital transformation corporate worker. And then I write, since forever. Yes, some of us wrote pre-internet times too. Like the 7-year-old Niharika who wrote a poem on ‘Leaf’. And then on ‘Life’, since she knew so much about it.

I am an avid traveller with 24 countries, and a few hundred cities imprinted in my soul. My love for travel grew when I challenged myself to travel solo. And then, the bug bit me. I am also a fitness enthusiast. Losing 50lbs has been a huge turning…

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Photo by Andre Sebastian on Unsplash

I started an Instagram account when I was just 16, back in 2012. Instagram and I were both quite young back then.

I was irregular because back then it was just another app on my iPod Touch. I would rather spend my time on Facebook chat than to figure out this new app with a weird, brown camera icon.

Fast forward to the 18-year-old me who went to university — I turned my life around with a new journey. The journey of health and wellness. The start of my weight loss journey to lose 50lbs and overcome my obesity.


Saving on lattes doesn’t help

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The typical financial advisor tells you to save and invest to generate wealth. Online gurus also tell you to save $3 off your latte so you can save a chunk of money annually (and not drink good coffee).

If I would’ve followed the typical stuff, I would’ve never afforded to travel the world with my developing country salary! I wouldn’t have been able to invest when the market crashed during the virus. In simple words, I would’ve had much less disposable income.

At 24, I’m financially independent. I’ve multiplied my income during the pandemic and can't wait to travel the…

Don’t let bogus marketing get to you

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When I was in school a decade ago, eating cornflakes was the perfect breakfast. The pack of cornflakes also mentioned about the perfect amount of iron and nutrition one needs for a healthy breakfast.

Today, in most shows and TVs, we see kids eating cereal before heading to school. Or pancakes with a side of orange juice. All this for a healthy breakfast, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

We are living in a time when billion-dollar companies are paying heavily for ads to influence us to consume their products. …


Please stop doing this

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Photo by Padli Pradana from Pexels

There are people who straight out blurt something racist, and I don’t understand why. But no, that’s not the racism I have experienced. There is another set of people who will pass a remark like it’s a simple statement.

Oh, it’s not supposed to hurt your feelings. It’s nothing racist. Just a general remark, aimed at your looks and ethnicity and stated negatively — but it’s not racist.

According to them.

I don’t know if you’ve been through this, but I’m going to put this out there because you might not realise that some words, even when stated with all…

Opportunity is out there if you’re willing to take it

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Photo: Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

I always wanted to reach a certain income mark before I turn 25 — but there was no way to get there. It would take me many years to work up the corporate ladder and achieve that result. And even if I change my job and get a pay hike, it simply won’t meet my income goal before the next few years.

But in September 2020, I took steps to change this.

In just four months, I tripled my income. One stream even pays me even more than my corporate paycheque.

My intention of writing this isn’t to tell you…

#1 Quitting junk

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Photo by in yunmai on Unsplash

Aren’t you tired of reading advice on the internet which promises you quick weight loss?

Aren’t you angry with all these diet fads which start trending?

Aren’t you disappointed with trying various types of workouts and diets, only to see little or no results?

If you whispered yes to any of the above questions, I have been where you are many times. I have tried and tested various diets and methods to lose weight, only for them to not workout or for my weight to come back.

Nah, I tried nothing unhealthy. No crash diets or any other diet which…

Is it easier when you know it’s coming?

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I know somebody who was in perfect health. She was in her 50s, tested positive for COVID-19, and died in 5 days. It took 5 days for her children to not have their mother, who was happy a week ago and absent thereafter.

If 2020 had a rewind button, we’d all get back to our jukebox to hit it hard.

Yes yes, I know 2020 has been productive for many of us. We learnt a new skill, got back to our old hobbies, had family time, and all that jazz. …

Travel. Advice. Europe.

Kiss that girl!

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Photo by Jennifer Griffin on Unsplash

You can get kidnapped, you know. You don’t know anybody, the city, or the language. Why are you inflicting trouble on yourself? You’re asking for danger.

Many people around me explained this when I decided to use my savings to travel across Europe at 21. After traveling to 10 cities across nine countries on my own, if I could put my learning in one sentence, it is that:

we need to be more mindful of ‘human’ in humanity.

Traveling alone put me in the most uncomfortable situations, shattered my beliefs, and destroyed all assumptions I’ve ever had. …

I won’t be humble here

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Photo by Mikail Duran on Unsplash

I won’t be humble here. My humility won’t help you here, but my honesty will.

I do take pride when somebody speaks to me and tells me I’m sorted. Now this means different things to different people. Like, I don’t think I’m as sorted as others think, but I think my best-friend Molly is sorted who has a great home-bakery business which is only going onwards and upwards.

But finding somebody in an ideal image is rather subjective.

What makes me sorted? Is it because I care about my health and wellness a lot or because I’m mindful about what…

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

Globe trotter | Health Enthusiast | Professional Writer www.niharikasodhi.com

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