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I write, since forever. Yes, some of us wrote pre-internet times too. Like the 7-year-old Niharika who wrote a poem on ‘Leaf’. And then on ‘Life’, since she knew so much about it.

I am an avid traveller with 24 countries, and a few hundred cities imprinted in my soul. My love for travel grew when I challenged myself to travel solo. And then, the bug bit me.
I am also a fitness enthusiast. Losing 50lbs has been a huge turning point in my life. …

I don’t wake up at 5 am or eat salad.

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I’ve been in my best body for a year now. Of course, it wasn’t easy. It resulted from six years of working out consistently and having a balanced diet that got me here.

I now look and feel happy with my body and my mental health is strong, which I think are two important pillars of good health.

As somebody who has read and researched deeply into health and wellness, there’s far too much information. Some of it is shocking! Had I done those things, I wouldn’t have lost 55lbs.

Here are the seven things I avoid to remain healthy.

1. Waking up Irrationally Early

Here’s why I’ll probably never go back.

The author in Stockhol, Sweden

A year ago in July 2020, my phone died. Little did I know back then that this was the beginning of my entire life to turn around.

I had a little above 11k followers on Instagram, all organic. I had been blogging about my weight-loss journey since my undergrad in 2015. I also started travelling during my postgrad abroad and my feed had the most gorgeous pictures from over 12 countries, and lots of solo travel stories.

Loyal followers stuck by for years, names I could recognise from the beginning. …

How you can be a complete charmer.

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According to Psychology Today, a pickup artist is a person who practices finding, attracting, and seducing sexual partners.

I first met Dan two years ago at a club. Because he was a friend of a friend, his pickup artist mode was off when he met me. I met him again a few months ago at that friend’s party and we got talking about our personal lives.

Dan has travelled the world and has attracted female companions wherever he goes. He’s been home since lockdown, and dating apps didn’t do too well for him because his ‘game’ is offline.

According to…

A new career, more money, and a greater sense of life purpose

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Imagine this.

One day you’re looking at some people having a wonderful life. Not in just superficial terms, but they genuinely look so happy. They’ve found a purpose, and their passion pays them to pursue it. It’s almost envious how sorted they look.

You want this freedom. You want to be your own boss; you want to do cool things. You want to make money good enough to gift your mom something which will make her smile and to travel places resources currently don’t allow you to. You want this life, an ideal life.

Instead, you go back to your…

After all those heartbreaks.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Do you remember the last feeling your heart completely sunk? When all those songs make you go back to that time when each day was sunny with the right person beside you?

It’s such a beautiful feeling. A double-edged sword, because it makes you vulnerable even in its beauty. Nothing beats the feeling of fresh new love. When you can’t wait to see that person again right after you’re done meeting them.

In today’s world, it's the good morning messages that bring a smile to your face as soon as you wake up. Thirty years ago, my parents sent each…

Lessons learned and collective theories behind virality

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

If I knew one line has the potential to go viral in less than 72 hours, I would’ve thought many times before hitting the publish button.

Usually, what I see go viral on LinkedIn are success stories such as getting into a dream college or organisation, or a cry to help by job-seekers. My post didn’t fit in this bucket.

In fact, I thought a few times before putting it out because it was an announcement to the world. I feared the reactions I’d get. I was scared to look like a fool.

For the longest time, I’ve felt that…

It helped me publish over 100 articles in 5 months.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

You’ve heard before that the only way to do well on an online platform is to write every day, I disagree. I mean, there's no point in doing something if you don’t enjoy it.

Try writing every day and turn up to your keyboard on day 10. You’d begin to dislike writing. It’s like Taco Tuesdays. It’s fun when you eat tacos on Tuesdays with your friends, but if every day were to be a taco day, you’d run away from tacos soon.

When I started writing long-form articles (750–2000 words) on an online platform in September 2020, I began…

You can customise it and do it conveniently at home.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

What if I told you that there’s one exercise that can work all your major muscles?

What if this one’s actually fun to do and you don’t have to convince yourself too hard for an extra rep?

Plus, will it gain a few brownies points if it doesn’t require much space or equipment?

When I started CrossFit two years ago, a lot of exercises were painful. They were difficult and challenging, which is also what made me want to push myself every day.

But this particular exercise was fun. …

Making money and quitting your 9–5 isn’t one of them.

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

I have overdosed on side-hustle-related content for the past year. It helped me start a writing side hustle of my own and lured me into quitting my 9–5. But that’s not what I’m going to tell you today.

You’re likely aware that creating an additional income stream and passive income is one reason to start a side hustle. And I will not waste your precious 5 minutes to tell you what you already know.

So here are some offbeat reasons on how having a side-hustle can help you.

1. You’ll get better at other things

Having a side-hustle requires traits and actions that can make you better…

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