What Millennials In The Corporate Sector Are Sick Of Hearing

Growing up with instant gratification when from a date to seeing your friend in a different country is just a click away, the corporate sector to millennials gives a cultural shock.

However, there are some notions that we’re just tagged with because we belong to a certain age group. Millennial is a tag in itself, isn’t it?

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Your Generation Doesn’t Work Hard

Tom, I understand that you’ve been here for 15 years and know far more about the organisation than I do. However, I believe I can get a lot accomplished in 6 hours of focussed work as compared to 10 hours of work with frequent breaks.

I do have hobbies and I do have a life I want to live outside of work, unapologetically.

While micromanaging has thankfully decreased thanks to the work environments Facebook and Google started, but number of hours or rather leaving early does still leave a dent.

You Are Too Ambitious

Why is so wrong to dream? All great people from Einstein to J.K. Rowling to Elon Musk had a dream. As kids, we are taught to have a dream and believe in ourseleves. If we have goals to attain a certain income and live a certain life, is that really so bad?

In the day and age of digital world, ideas are comparatively easier to execute thanks to social media. If you have a product or service, you don’t have to go door-to-door but can reach out to people with a picture or a written piece. There’s A LOT of hard-work required there, too.

Impact is a word commonly used by us, because it excites us. Most of us at least try to create an impact in some way — whether its through blogging, becoming an activist and talking about issues on social media, or donating whatever we can to an organisation.

Are You Always On Your Phone?

Okay — Maybe we are.

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So You Get Time To Visit The Gym…

Most of us are or want to be fit. Blame it on the ‘influencers with abs’ who we see on Instagram, or developing awareness about the importance of being healthy today with the abundance of processed food all around us.

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This is relatable to those who exercise frequently and say no to being served unhealthy food. Yes we do get time to visit the gym and go for a run but that’s not because we got blessed with extra time, it’s because we consciously carve out time for things that are important to us. Such as health.

On a personal context, I lost 45lbs with a lot of hardwork. I don’t want to eat a fried snack everyday or drink too often — and I have got judged for being healthy.

Your Generation Is So Impatient!

Our attention span may be lesser but we do like to get to the point. Would you disgaree that only 50% of time spent in a meeting is productive? That most PPTs are boring?

But mostly, when we have an idea we really are kicked about executing it without sitting on it for too long!

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Globe trotter | Health Enthusiast | Professional Writer www.niharikasodhi.com

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